Some crunch info:

We’ll be using the 1890s char sheets as they reflect most accurately the level of technology on Dinotopia. Large dinosaurs get +2 STR, -2 DEX; small dinosaurs get -2 STR, +2 DEX.

I included a gen with the sample char. Look at it. For real.

Some fluff info:

The party will start in Waterfall City, where there has been some recent unrest. Crime rates, so long suppressed by the relatively small and widely distributed population, have been sharply rising. The people (and dinosaurs) are calling for an overthrow of the current, largely impotent government.
Dinotopia has always maintained the most delicate of balances to keep the peace, and it looks as if that peace may shatter—or perhaps it has already shattered, and you are only just beginning to feel the aftershocks.
In the midst of this gathering turmoil, as if heralding the fall of an age, dinosaurs are beginning to die. One by one they are found, ripped apart violently, in locked rooms or rotting in the streets; it seems to make no difference.

What your char pages should look like:



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