System of Exchange

Officially, barter in goods and services has replaced money.

Unofficially, there are several smiths in any city who will make you a number of weighted gold and silver pieces in exchange for something or other. These are often sewn into clothing to disguise them from the more conservative Dinotopians, who may alert the elders.

The elders are aware that this illegal trade is going on and have deemed it a rotting infection on the spirit of Dinotopia. However, there’s not a whole lot they can actually do, save bringing in those caught with coins for questioning, trying to shut down smithies, maybe a little light torture when their subjects are uncooperative. But by and large they have no real control.

One piece of gold or silver is about half an inch in diameter, roughly round, and typically has no markings. One silver piece will buy you a bowl of soup, some bread, and some fish from the average tavern. One gold piece is worth about five silver pieces, and will buy a decent room for the night. For transactions less than one silver piece, silver or gold powder is typically used and weighed against pieces. Certain spices and seasonings are also considered common currency; the most typically used is salt. The amount of salt weighing the same as one silver piece is worth about half that piece (or, in the parlance, ‘half a silver’).

Much more rare are pearls, which range somewhat in value but are typically worth ten gold pieces.

A quick reference guide to price, adapted from the 5.6 CoC sourcebook pgs 254-255:

Clothing Average Price
Raincoat 1gp, 2sp
Felt top hat 1sp
Gentleman’s cane 1sp
Full sweep satin cape 1gp, 3sp
Silk parasol 3sp
Entertainment Average Price
Theater Tickets 3sp
Fine Wine (bottle) 2sp
Whiskey (bottle) 1sp
Hadrosaur horn 40gp
Panpipes 7gp, 1sp
Lodging and Dining Average Price
Good hotel (per night) 1gp
Average hotel (per night) 2sp
House (rent per year) 120gp
Apartment (rent per week) 4sp
Light meal 0.5sp
Dinner 1sp
Medical Equipment Average Price
Medical valise 1sp
Forceps 8sp
Surgeon’s instrument set 4gp
Elastic Bandage 1sp
Outdoor and Travel Gear Average Price
Camp cooking kit 1gp, 2sp
Wool blanket 1sp
Spy glass 3gp
Fishing tackle and lures 2gp
Dark lantern 1sp
Kit bag 1sp

For anything else, please reference the aforementioned pages. 1gp translates to roughly $5. Remember, illegal objects (such as weapons) will cost much more than the price given in the CoC book.

System of Exchange

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