Sexual Assault

Thanks to the restrictive gender roles that pervade even Sauropolis, sexual assault (of which 95% is perpetrated against female-bodied individuals) is very lightly punished. It is considered the job of the female to protect her ‘virtue’ from the attentions of men. In fact, consensual sexual activity outside of cumspiritik is often more or less synonymous with rape.

While it is not exactly acceptable to commit sexual assault, the consequences tend to be either social or violent, the latter at the hands of the victim’s family. If the victim in question is considered to have been impure to begin with, sexual assault is hardly considered a crime at all.

A note on the sexual assault of children and male-bodied people: the former is much more rigorously punished than sexual assault against any other type of victim. Children are perceived as without autonomy and are therefore cleared of any fault.

The vast majority of assaults against male-bodied individuals take place because of the perceived sexual orientation of the victim. A disproportionate number of victims are transgendered.

Sexual Assault

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