Habitat Partners

Each pairing of human and non-human represents a different biological region. Together, their lifetime devotion is to monitor all living conditions within their territories, reporting annually at a conference. Based on the advice and help of the group, they would return home to supervise planting, pruning, and protection.

AERIAL: Oolu and Lightwing, a Skybax, responsible for watching weather, rainfall, pollen, dust.

FOREST: Bracken and Fiddlehead, a Chasmosaurus. An area of great responsibility, the renewal and health of woodlands and jungles.

ALPINE: Moraine and Bigtusk, one of the ‘mammoths’ from the Forbidden Mountains. Their care: glaciers, tundra, high meadows, sulphur vents.

DESERT: Dorsolith (a Euplocephalux) and Seco, masters of sand dunes, erosion, water management.

FRESHWATER: Magnolia and Paddlefoot, a Lambeosaurus, in charge of swamps, lakes, rivers.

SAVANNA: Draco and Highjump, a Struthiomimus, range open country to look after grasses, reeds, insects, soils.


Habitat Partners

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